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Let's Bring Your Music to Life.

Rock and Metal Recording (Now Remote!), Mixing, and Production


Production (Remote during Covid)

You have the songs, and the vision, but you need some help to make it a reality. That’s where I come in. As a musician, I can help you shape your sound, and I can offer feedback that helps bring your music to life! Even better, we can work together remotely, so you stay safe in the comfort of your own home!

Online Mixing

Whether it’s a project I produce, or if it’s something that you’ve produced yourself, I can turn those raw tones into polished, clear, and punchy mixes! If you have multitracks that are ready for mixing, contact me, and I’ll send you a link to upload them!


After your project is recorded, mixed and mastered, I can design logos, packaging, t-shirt designs, you name it! ...and yep, that’s right! I did the artwork for Periphery’s 2nd album, along with many other album covers over the years!

Our Work


Client Testimonials

Rasheeq Rayhan - Quanta

"Great studio! Josh is a brilliant engineer and very helpful. Absolutely recommend!""

Jesse Sweiger - From a Nightmare

"Josh has a stellar ear for production, and his talent started at an elite level and has just became top notch. It's always a great experience working with Josh, he will turn your dreams into a reality when it comes to putting together the best possible record at the best possible price while achieving platinum record production. I recommend Dark Hollow Studio!!!"

Justin Gosnell - Vestascension

"I've used Josh’s services for probably 14 years now. He’s absolutely one of the most creative and consistent artists I know. He’s not only graced music I’ve written with some incredibly powerful vocals, he’s also done all kinds of graphic design work for me covering ALL kinds of styles/needs. It’s just insane. I continue to go back to him again and again. I seriously can’t recommend him enough!"

About Dark Hollow Studio

Dark Hollow Studio is a full service production and online mixing recording studio in Baltimore County Maryland. I'm Josh Clark, the lead producer, and I work with several other engineers and producers that help contribute to various projects as needed. I am also affiliated with Studio-E in Westminster, MD and sometimes, I will run sessions there in addition to sessions at Dark Hollow Studio.

I specialize in hard rock and metal, because those are the genres that I tend to write in, but I also have experience producing pop, film score styles, and even more classical instruments like harps or horns!

I personally enjoy working on a variety of projects. Some artists only have an acoustic guitar, or keyboard, and a voice, but they want the full production they hear in their minds. Fortunately, I have the resources to make that grand musical vision happen by adding drums, bass, guitar, synths, even symphonies! Other artists are full bands looking to get their sound on a record -- I love to dig deep into all different types of projects, and help shape the perfect sound that represents what the band's chemistry brings to the table.

Just a little more about me -- I am the lead singer in several bands locally (Seventh Seal, Vestascension) and I have a deep passion for creating music that impacts listeners through emotional connection.

Why "Dark Hollow"? Well, that's actually not all that exciting (but it sounds sooooooo cool)... there's a road near the studio named Dark Hollow Rd. I always thought it was a pretty cool name... sooooo... yeah, the rest is history!