Dark Hollow Studio - Kemper Pack

The Dark Hollow Studio Kemper Pack

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So What's in the Pack?

5150 Signature

This is the tone of metal. Metalcore, Death Metal, Deathcore, Hardcore -- the 5150 is engrained in the threads that make these genres. Get high gain tones, a medium gain tone that can be made more aggressive with an additional overdrive, and a low gain tone to help create atmosphere and depth.

Mesa Dual Rectifier (Rev F)

Often referred to as the holy grail of Mesa tone, this mid-90’s monster brings the heat! Creating a balance between agression and clarity, the high, med, low, and clean tones gives you the tools you need to create slamming riffs, or gritty textures. Use an overdrive with the medium gain tone for that classic, aggressive Mesa sound!


This particular vintage JCM800 was used on some huge records in the 80’s and 90’s, and it even has Zakk Wylde’s signature on it! The JCM800 has a low mid growl that stands on it’s own. Add a distortion pedal, or overdrive to the chain, and pure aggression sits at your fingertips!

Rivera Knucklehead II

This is a super rare amp apparently. It has the sound of a modded Marshall, with its own unique flavor. After playing with this for a bit, it’s easy to understand why Adam Jones from Tool relies on this amazing brands of amps!

Rivera Tre

Like its predecessor, the Tre takes the Knucklehead II sound, and adds a bit more gain! Though it’s a bit more aggressive, the Tre still retains optimal clarity, while packing a low mid punch!

Fender Deville

Just a single profile of this amp, but it's a clean, glassy tone that lives up to what you expect from this style of amp.